Soul Coach School

A magical 9-MONTH coaching CERTIFICATION FOR big-hearted soul seekers.

A 9-month training that will teach you how to connect deeply with your clients, find your own path, and build a successful coaching business

You know that you’re are meant for more. That you have a calling to help people and to live a magical life as you do it. The 9-5 rat race doesn’t fit you and you crave to tap into your inner strength, spirituality, and work from wherever you want to.

This coaching training is for soulful, creative, big-hearted souls, who’ve probably been called ”too sensitive” more than once.

Dreamers who care deeply about other people, animals, and the planet.

Seekers who are ready to STEP UP and claim their space as leaders and healers.

Magical beings who knows there are more to life than meets the eye.

This coaching training will not only build your skill set as a coach, but also unleash your wisdom as a healer, and your self-esteem as a boss babe.

When the training is done you will have your new career(your new LIFE!) ready for you.

After the course you will be a certified Soul Coach which means that you will be both a Life Coach and initiated Reiki Healer. You will have your own website and business launched and be ready to take on the world.








to be all
of you
deeper connection

with self, family, friends + clients






The ability to facilitate profound transformation with clients and help them experience results beyond what they believed to be possible + earn a living doing good!


Hello seeking soul!

I’M sanne Aronsson.

I’m the founder of Soul Coach School—a 9-month coaching certification program for big-hearted souls who want to become coaches and at the same time dive deep into their own personal development and add some magic their life.

I created Soul Coach School because I saw issues with the coaching world and the certification trainings. First, there are tons of coaching schools that only teach coaching skills without grounding them into the students own personal development which creates shallow surface level coaching that doesn’t go deep enough into the client. Second, there are too many certified coaches who SUCK at building a business, earning money and making a living as a coach. Plus, the most trainings are kind of boring, taking place in stark rooms, desperatly trying to fit into the “professional” world.

I knew I wanted to create something else,  a modern mystical school filled with deep self-work, badass business lessons, sprinkled with magic and spirituality. For the souls who don’t fit in but are born to stand out.

I’ve been working as a successful international coach for 10 years. I became a certified life coach first, and later LifeSpider Coach at the age of 23, I continued my training and became a Reiki Master, Akashic Record Reader and Somatic Hypnotists. I built myself an online business so I could travel and been coaching clients all over the world. I’ve been giving public speeches in US, UK, India, Sweden, Norway, Spain to audiences as big as two thousand people. I’m a published author and my book “Wtf Should I Do With My Life” is translated to Swedish and English.

From hundreds of happy clients I got more and more questions on how to be able to train with me, and learn the skills of coaching, business and spirituality. The idea of a unique spiritual coaching training became a reality.

Join us.

Help build a better world.



“Soul Coach School is a coach training that really reaches magical levels. You learn techniques that will reach your clients straight into their hearts and soul and help us as coaches to develop our intuitive talents. The training includes tons of spirituality and business too, not only coaching, which means you grow on so many levels at the same time! This is not a basic coaching training!” – Hanna, Class of 2018

Welcome to the Hogwarts of Coaching Schools!

Let’s not even pretend this is your regular school. We will not sit in stuffy classrooms. We will not follow a rigid, detailed oriented schedule. We will not try to fit into this crazy unsustainable world. Let’s not even pretend.

Because we believe in magic.

We will let magic guide us all through the training. We will help you deal with our own shit, go deep into the healing work as leaders and learn the skills of life coaching with a playful approach – integrating the knowledge into the very bones of who you are.

We will activate you as a healer and power source.

And teach you the business know-how you need to build a business and LIFE that sustains you.

Unique Coaching Approach

In the western world we as human beings we are often treated as brains floating around in a body. If the body is in pain, we go to the doctor who treats the sickness with pills. We treat our mental health issues with more pills and are confused that it doesn’t work. Even if science is telling us exactly what is wrong with that approach.

And the spirit world is… well… forgotten completely.

The tide is changing. More and more people are waking up. We are craving more.

Regular life coaching only works with the conscious mind and forgets that most of our blocks is in our subconsious mind, that our body remembers things we thought we already healed, and that our soul is a wise source of knowledge.

at this coaching school we do it differently.

In Soul Coach School we believe in expanding, healing and unleashing the whole human.

Mind, Body. and Soul.

We have an approach to cover it all.

Let’s not even pretend this is your regular school. We will not sit in stuffy classrooms. We will not follow a rigid, detailed oriented schedule. We will not try to fit into this crazy unsustainable world. Let’s not even pretend.


“Soul Coach School is beyond amazing! It has a great mix of practical and emotional work. Both for you personally and as a new coach. The education gives you the possibility to become the coach you want to be, it gives you the tools to go outside the standard coach box and create something for yourself and for your specific gift in this world.” – Rebecca, Class of 2018

Soul Coach School Syllabus
Month 1-3

 ”Build The Foundation”

Group sessions every other week plus 2-3 private coaching sessions per month.

Month 1 + 2:

We will start working on your own personal development with 1-to-1 coaching and biweekly group calls. 

Month 3:

Weekend workshop Life Coach Training pt 1
In May we will have a digital online weekend workshop where you will learn the basics in Coaching.

After the workshop weekend, you will start working with real clients to practice what you’ve learned.

Month 7-9

 ”Make it a Living”

Group sessions every other week plus 1 private coaching session per month. Self study online course with videos and texts.

Month 7:

Develop your business skills in the online course Soul Boss School so you can build your coaching practice and start earning money doing what you love!

Month 8:

Weekend Workshop
Build your first website during this digital weekend workshop – leave with your first real website!

Month 9:

Launch Your Coaching Business! It’s time to show the world your new path! Get support in showing up online, sharing with friends/family and daring to claim your space as a leader.

Fill in the gaps – group sessions where we talk about your real life coaching and business problems.

Plan For 2019! We will create a plan to be able to create the dream lifestyle you wish for. CERTIFICATION CEREMONY!

Month 4-6

“Realize Your Skills”


Week 1

Life Coach Training pt 2 + Reiki Healing Initiation LIVE
You will have a live retreat in Croatia where you will learn Reiki Healing and continue with deepen your coaching skills.

Week 2

You will be assistants and teachers/coaches at a REAL retreat the week after that!!

Month 5-6

Group sessions every other week plus 1 private coaching session per month.

Integrate your new knowledge and continue working with clients + a few weeks of summer break.

Class session every other week + a few private sessions when needed.

total program

PRICE = $5,990

One payment of


THREE payments of


9 payments of


frequently asked q’s

Can I work full time and join the course?

Yes, this course is made to be able to go through at the same time as either other studies or work. You should have a dream to start a new career though.

How big is the group?

The group is max 6 persons to make sure you get a lot of personalized attention and coaching.

What is included in the course


  • Personal 1-0n-1 Coaching
  • Life Coach Training
  • Reiki Healing Training
  • Business Training
  • Training in hosting retreats/public speaking
  • Digital Course + Live Training in Sweden
  • Housing during the live week

Not included:

  • Travels to retreat center
  • Food during the live week
  • Extra optional recommended books

Can I pay in installments?

Yes, you can pay in 3 or 9 installments. Reach out and I will tell you more!

How much time do I need to spend on the course every week?

It will fluctuate but you can count on that you will need to spend around 4 hours a week on this training. Some weeks it will be less, some more. There will be a lot of subconscious work where you don’t have to study or go to classes but LIVE your life and bring in your new knowledge and insights in your day-to-day life. Again, this is not your ordinary coach training.