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Do you want more magic in your life? More purpose, meaning, and vibrant life force? You’ve come to the right place, my love.

This is where you find all the offerings I give to help you find your path and unleash the wildness inside.

Browse through the experiences and see if you find something that makes your heart sing. Follow your intuition and trust your emotions. Feeling excited, inspired, a bit scared, or like you just “HAVE TO WORK WITH THIS WITCH!” are all signals that the service is for you. If you feel bored, stressed out or tired from scrolling – move on. This is not for you sweet soul – don’t push it. Go and get some nice vegan ice cream instead.



Experience One

Are you looking for a new career where you can help people grow and at the same time work from anywhere in the world?

Soul Coach School 9-month Certification program is the Hogwarts of coaching-trainings and will teach you how to connect with your clients on a soul level, at the same time as you will learn healing and business skills. Make sure you stand out in your field as a coach and make sure you build a successful business around it through Soul Coach School.

You will not only learn to coach but get initiated in Reiki healing and invaluable business tools This is not your ordinary coaching training, We work with you, exactly where you are to be able to make sure you learn what you are here to learn.

Coaching + Magic + Business is our recipe for a purposeful and successful life and business.


Experience Two

How about a Netflix/Library/Community/Membership for solopreneurs? If you are starting or running your own soulful business you know that there are so many moving parts and it can easily feel overwhelming sometimes. Where to even start and how to get clients and how cna I brand myself so it really feels like me and omg, do I have to burn out and work 24/7?

Soul Boss University is your home away from home online. It’s a place where you can take classes in regular business skills like how to get more clients, marketing, branding, social media but also more spiritual classes like money mindset, witchy spells, and manifestation. Plus a first aid class when you struggle with feeling like an impostor, self-doubt or overwhelm and anxiety.

You will also get access to a community where you can post and share your own wins and fails, get feedback on projects or find collaboration or a accountability partner.




Experience Three

From 4 to 7 of July you will be able to spend time with me and a bunch of other soul seekers at a magical island in Sweden for a life changing retreat. I created this camp as a safe and sacred space for the seekers who do not feel like the 9-5 world is for them. Who are wearing their heart on their sleeve and feel “too much”.

At Soul Camp you are allowed to explore your own dreams, spirituality, and power. We will play with magic and dig deep into your soul.

I will introduce you to the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. And help you activate them inside of yourself.

We will work with coaching, bodywork, ceremonies, and healing. Honoring your soul, mind, and body.

My mission is to help you reconnect to your own power, to fall in love with yourself and this journey you are on. I want to see you let go of what’s holding you back and envision your future with clarity.

client love

“This has been a life changing adventure.”

 Forget everything you know about regular coaching because this takes you to a completely new level. With her mix of practical coaching techniques and spirituality magic, she levels you up to the person you always were meant to be. Sanne is pure magic!