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Hi! I’m Sanne.
First of all, my name – Sanne, is Swedish like me, and pronounced like “Sunnie”, Now when you know what to call me, let’s me share who I am.

So you’ve probably gathered by now that I’m a magical witch. Other things you might want to know is that I’ve been working as a coach for 8 years now and been coaching hundreds of clients on the topics of finding their true path and soul purpose.

I am also a Reiki Master which means I can not only heal with Reiki but activate the Reiki energy in students and help them become Reiki Healers themselves. Another tool I use is Somatic Hypnosis – I guide people through their body and subconscious mind to release blocks, fears and heal inner wounds.

I’ve been running my online business as a digital nomad from all over the world – Sweden, England, Germany, Spain, Croatia, India, Argentina, Uruguay, and the US. I’ve built my life so I can work from where ever there is wifi and it leads me all over the planet. My basecamp at the moment is San Francisco where I’ve lived with my amazing husband for 4 years.


You, being stuck at a job that drains you and living a life that doesn’t make you flourish is a goddamn waste of potential. I know that you are here on this Earth to do great things, you are born with a soul purpose to fulfill. And you are here, reading on this website because you heard the calling. The calling for something more. The calling of helping and healing and trying to make this world a better place. A calling for a magical life, far away from the cubicles, the stress and the materialistic rat race.  My mission, my purpose, is to help big-hearted and driven souls like you to find the soul path they were meant to walk in this life. To help you find the path and then get all the tools needed to make it work in this practical world.

Why I do what I do

I do what I do because of two reasons.

The first reason is human: I’ve been there. I’ve been stuck in the normal “perfect” life that made me feel like I didn’t fit in on this planet. Since I was a kid I always felt different, like I felt too much and cared too much. As a young adult I tried to play the game of fitting in, got the good grades, the serious relationship and the perfect apartment.

But inside I was slowly dying. Heck, I was day-dreaming of getting drafted in the Hunger Games like Katniss so I would at least FEEL something. I wanted something else than mind-numbing parties, conversations, shopping and gossips about boys. Well, I still love me some steamy gossips about sexy men – but it’s no longer the only conversations that turn me on.

Now, the topics I discuss with my friends range from business to spells and witchcraft to aliens and energy vortexes. We talk about activism and privilege, how to dismantle our own white supremacy and how to hex the patriarchy. Astrology, healing, soul contracts, the best tools for business, magic, and sex.

When I first started on my path I was feeling lost, I KNEW I had all this power inside of me, but I didn’t know what kind of power or where to channel it. I was bored and frustrated.

When I finally found my first coach, when I started to listen to my heart and make uncomfortable decisions, and start living on my own terms – life opened up. I found my crew of crazy soul seekers like myself, I found a new man that share my belief of designing a life that fits us, and I started to work in alignment with my soul – as a heart-based entrepreneur.

The second reason why I do what I do is esoteric and spiritual: I do this because I have a long-standing soul contract with Gaia, the spirit of Earth, to help her uplevel humankind to a higher frequency. I’ve been here many, many lifetimes working as a healer, shaman, witch, ruler, fighter, Oracle, and leader. Every life has different missions but the same overlying arc of purpose. To help and heal and support humankind on her journey on this blue planet.

And right now Gaia is in desperate need of more people working on questioning and dismantling the system, share other ways of living and working and create new ways to support humans and this planet. We are burning out our home and if we do, we will not be able to reach the next level of humankind’s development. And that would suck. Big time.

So I’m here, like I always am. Working with the mystical energy I bring with me through the ages and combine them with the modern tools of our time, like social media, online courses and e-books.

I’m in service of Gaia. and I’m following her instructions, one step at the time.




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I dropped out of High School

False – I dropped out of Uni
I have 2 dogs

False – I WISH!

my life motto is plaY until you want to rest and rest until you want to play again


Aside from being a Purpose Coach, I’m also a certified Reiki Master, Published Author, International Speaker, Somatic Hypno Therapist, and an Akashic Records Reader.

I have a PhD


client love

“Am I allowed to be this happy?”

I’ve done both a private mentorship and Soul Coach School with Sanne and it has changed me and how I approach life completely. Sanne helped me bring out the power in me what always been there but had been hidden. I found my way back to the calm within me and getting the confidence to show myself to the world. Sanne sees everyone for who they are and we are all allowed to be exactly how we are. She brings out the strength in you and showed me that it’s good to be different.