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The Memory of living and dying as a witch during the witch trials.

I Remember getting hung

One of my first past life memories I reclaimed was remembering getting dragged over a town square and hung as a witch. I got the memory back in a healing session, where the healer worked on my neck and throat. I’ve had a lot of issues with the area, repeatedly tonsillitis as a teenager and neck and shoulder pains. When the healer worked on my sore neck memories started flowing back to me. Anger, frustration, indignation. I wasn’t afraid or sad but ANGRY.


I’m getting dragged over the town square, I fight back but I’m over-powered. I see faces I recognize in the crowd, screaming vile words or looking away. How DARE they? I’ve been healing headaches and heartaches. Helping babies to the world and made salves for sore baby bottoms. I’ve been a shoulder to cry on, secret keeper and healer. AND NOW THEY TURN ON ME?! How DARE they!

I get a rope around my neck and get hung in front of my fellow town people. Filled with indignation and rage.

past life memories helps you heal

Don’t Your body and soul remember the past life. The memories are stuck in your cells until you remember.

I got the memory confirmed from two different sources.

This memory later got confirmed by a shaman who I hadn’t told my previous experience and by a stranger, a friend of a friend who started to cry the first time she met me. She told me she’d seen me getting dragged over a town square and getting hung and she regretted that she hadn’t tried to stop it, that she was too late. She was full of regret and we had a beautiful meeting where I forgave her and she forgave herself.

Since that first memory, I’ve been getting back more and more past life memories as a witch, wise woman, wizard, healer, and Oracle. I’ve discovered my own witchcraft, my own occult power and are today working with those powers every day with students and clients.

For every memory reclaimed more power is unleashed in this lifetime.

Magic is real. You just have to remember.





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    I have magic running in my veins, I can move energy with my hands, remember past lives, cast spells and talk to spirits. All that jazz.

    I’m also very human and love business. So I work in both worlds.

    Founder or Soul Coach School and Author of "Wtf Should I do with my life".


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