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Letting Go Ritual.

A Ceremony to let shit go

LEAVE the old behind

Have you had a rough month or even year and crave to cleanse your body, aura and energy field to leave the old behind and start anew?

When we long to shake off the old sticky energies after a challenging period – it is exactly what we need to do. As when we crave to wash our hands after riding the subway or take a shower after a grimy and sweaty hike – our need for spiritual cleansing is just as real. Trust your intuition and carve out some time for energetic hygiene.

When it comes to all rituals, ceremonies and spiritual work – your intuition is your best guide. I will share some ideas on how to create a Cleansing Letting Go Ritual but if something doesn’t resonate if you want to change the order or add/remove certain parts – TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS. Your inner wild woman knows best. Okay? Okay.

You can do this ceremony alone or with trusted witchy friends.


To prepare for your ceremony cleanse your physical body and your physical surroundings. Clean at least one room thoroughly, get rid of a few things that don’t bring you joy anymore, vacuum and dust, change curtains or pillowcases. Buy some fresh cut flowers or a happy houseplant.

Create a designated area for your ceremony work – maybe your couch or on your yoga mat. Make it pretty and spiritual. Bring out candles, spiritual books, tarot cards, a bowl of water and/or crystal stones. Whatever you have that makes you think of your own inner power and the spiritual realm. Prepare a journal and some pens. Turn on some soothing music or keep it quiet. Follow your instincts.

When you feel like your surroundings are clean, take care of your physical body. Wash your hands and face, change your clothes and as you do, keep your mind on your upcoming ceremony. Use it as a preparation for your spiritual work, as a professional sportswoman is stretching and moving her body to get ready for the game.

Personally, I like to keep my hair braided, wear a headband or head jewelry while doing my ceremonies. Sometimes I wear white flowing clothes, sometimes black and tight. Look yourself in the mirror and follow your feeling what’s need to be done. For some rituals, I channel my inner warrior with deep red lipstick and warpaint – other ceremonies I want to keep my face clean from all makeup. Only you know what is needed to make the release easier.

Trust your intuition

Your intuition and your body knows what to include and remove from this ritual. Trust your insincts.


Sit down in your designated area and close your eyes for a few minutes. Tune in to your body. Take deep breaths and center yourself. Start by calling in protection – protection to keep you guided and guarded during your ceremony. Ask for support, guidance, and protection – in your head or out loud – from your ancestors, maybe a grandmother you met in this lifetime, or souls from your lineage you never met. Our ancestors are powerful protectors, but as all spirits, they respect your free will – they are not allowed to help if you don’t ask for help – so ask! You can also ask for help, guidance, and protection from Arch Angels, spirit animals, ascended masters (like Jesus, Mary Magdalene or Buddha), and of course Mother Earth herself.

Bring out your journal or notebook and write down EVERYTHING that you are now ready to let go of.

Be specific. Be clear. BE SINCERE.

Feel all the hard feelings you’ve been through. Write down your pain on paper. Pour your heart out.

Example: “I let go of the boy who hurt my heart. I am ready to release the sorrow I felt when I told me he didn’t love me anymore. I am ready to release my bad self-esteem, and the feeling of self-doubt I experienced during the work trip. The experience of confusion, of not knowing my path – I let it go. Now!”

Write until there is nothing left.

Rip the pages out of your notebook.

Now it’s time to decide HOW you want to release this pain and sorrows. The elements are your powerful allies in this ceremony. Does it feel most powerful to burn it outside? To rip the pages into small, small pieces and drench it in a bowl of water? Or bury it in the ground? What element – Earth, Air, Water, Fire – do you believe, in your heart, will help you let this shit go?

Again – TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS. You sincere wish, your dedicated heart is what moves mountains and makes spells and ceremonies work.

(Whatever you chose – be mindful so you don’t start a fire or clog a drain. 😉 )

While burning, drenching or burying your pages and pains – read them out loud. State clearly what you let go of. Feel the passion in your heart. Mean it from the bottom of your heart. Get down on your knees, cry, scream, or be still and proud like a queen. BE SINCERE.

Be honest and raw. If it feels hard. Say it. “Even if it feels hard, I let go of this now. Please help me to let it go.” Let. It. Go.

When you are done state out loud:

“I let go of everything that no longer serves me. I send it back to the person from whom it came or down into Mother Earth to be recycled for the highest good of all.  I chose for it to leave my body, aura and energy field. I let it go NOW and forever.”

Stay in silence for a short while. Feel how the pain is leaving your body, aura, and energy field. How it melts down in mother Earth or up into the skies.



Remove the waste if needed, if you drowned it in a bowl of water, throw out the paper mass  – if possible outside your home. Remove ash or make sure your bury grounds are in order. Stay in silence.

Sit down in your designated spiritual spot and call once more on the guides and protectors you asked for help. Thank them silently in your head or out loud. Thank them for support and protection and tell them how much you love them and how much you enjoy working with them. Ask them for help to close the ceremony, to wrap you in a supportive blanket of love.

Blow out candles, put things back in their place. Stay in silence. Imagine in your head how you are energetically closing the ceremony. Sit in meditation for a while if you feel like it.

When your done get back into the bathroom and remove any makeup, take a shower, wash your hair and let the water clean of any residue energy. Feel yourself getting back into your full human wholeness.

Make yourself some tea, eat something grounding – like a sandwich with a lot of butter, a bowl of oatmeal, or some fruit with honey.

Go to bed. If you have a hard time to wind down – read a book or watch a light-hearted tv-show.

Make sure you drink a lot of water the upcoming days!

Witchy love,




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