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How yoga makes me a better boss babe.

the yoga of business.

my yoga practice has always walked hand in hand with my business

For eight years ago I did my coaching training in San Diego. A few blocks from my house there was a studio with a wonderful Brazilian teacher that who helped me to really ”get” yoga. From being a mere physical exercise I opened up to the full realm of the practice. And at the same time I opened up on the mat, I opened up to entrepreneurship as I started my own business. The natural effect was that my insights from the yoga mat got reflected on my work. And I brought my questions and creative struggles to the studio to get support from my practice.

I realized quickly that they are a perfect combination and yoga taught me so many valuable lessons about running my own business:


When I started yoga my mind sounded something like this: “Why can’t I do this pose as good as her?” “Wow, that guy is really strong, I can’t do a handstand like that” “I HAVE to be more flexible than that little old lady at least!”. Wrapped up in comparison I wasn’t really present in my body and breath.

With a competitive sports background it was hard not wanting to be best in class and “win” every session. But after a while things started to shift. I stopped looking around, my eyes stayed shut or focused on my mat, only wandering when I needed to look at the teacher. My breath became the center of my practice, my mind became calm. As soon as I sat down on the mat my focus shifted from the world outside to my inner world.

In business, it’s as easy to tumble down the rabbit hole of comparison. “She already launched a new project!” “Wow, he’s so successful” “Her website is much more pretty than mine and I’ve heard she earns 6-figures now” You disconnect from the soul of your own business and keep monitoring other people building their empires. You don’t want to upload that video because it’s so bad quality if you compare it to HER and you don’t really feel like celebrating your own wins because they look so small in comparison to that other person’s success. You work out of Fear instead of Divine Inspiration.

Yoga taught me that the only person on your mat is YOU. When I bring that wisdom to my business I feel lighter, braver and more compassionate towards myself and others. I stop screening social media feeling all jealous and shit and instead I get back to my own business. The only one here is me. From that space I can create more magical soul-aligned content that is infused with love instead of the fear of not being good enough.

the truth

STAY IN YOUR LANE. Focus on your own growth. Comparing yourself to other kills the flow in both yoga and business.

2. you don’t have to strive

On of my favorite practice to ground myself with compassion is Yin Yoga. Yin Yoga is a slow, gentle, delicious yoga practice where you stay for several minutes in every position(Asana) and open up heart, hips, spine, and soul slooooooowly. You find your edge, taste it, and then you LEAN BACK to 80% of your ability. No pushing and no beating yourself up. If it doesn’t feel good you can always bring in some more props, an extra block, or bolster, or blanket. Don’t strive but LET yourself open up.

To build a thriving life I approach my business with the same compassion. I don’t have to push myself to 110% of my ability all the time, 80% is more than fine. I don’t have to Strive to become successful or finish that project, I can just open up and LET myself fulfill my mission. Before this insight I always waited to the last minute to finish my deadlines, I needed the adrenaline to push through. Now I just need an extra blanket, self-compassion and the task gets finished without the knife against my throat.


Somedays I’m as strong as Super Woman. I flow through the yoga positions with power and grace and when the session ends I just want to go again. Other days I stay in child’s pose between every pose, rocking slowly side to side, and can’t wait to get to the last Savasana  – dead man’s pose – so I can lie on my back under a blanket and then go home to Netflix and chocolate. And both is equally fine. When I’m strong I let myself be strong, I go to the classes that is more powerful and attend to an extra session. When I’m sensitive I show up at the slow, gentle classes or even skip the class completely.

I bring this acceptance of my Ebb and Flow to my business and let myself work night and day when the creative spark hits, only taking breaks for food, sleep and yoga. When the energy falters I don’t feel bad, I just recognize that the Ebb has arrived and I sleep in, work with simple mundane tasks and take long breaks for slow walks and reading books.

Yoga makes me a better and more balanced businesswoman. I create a more juicy and successful venture with much more ease and grace. And that is pretty amazing. 






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    I have magic running in my veins, I can move energy with my hands, remember past lives, cast spells and talk to spirits. All that jazz.

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